Yacht Cruise in Cyclades Aegean Sea

Without a doubt, Cyclades are one of the best kitesurfing playgrounds worldwide. Visit the famous spots of Paros, Naxos and Mykonos as well as hidden paradises like Reinia and other deserted islands you can only reach by boat. One and two-week voyages availables.

Yacht Cruise in Petali Islands Lagoon

Famously known as one of the treasures of Greece and a must visit kitesurfing destination. Petali Islands gather a whole bunch of gorgeous islands, offering private spots and crystal blue waters. One and two-week voyages available

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Kite Surf & Mate Philosophy

About Us

An oasis from the ordinary, when overpopulated beaches aren’t your thing. Abroad our state-of-the-art yacht, and kitesurf with friends in exclusive locations, while enjoying ice cold fruit cocktails, music, wifi, paddleboarding, surfing, sunbathing, massage and the list goes on! It’s not your typical holiday. It’s a trip that be will the best you’ve ever had....

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Our “heart” of operations could not give anything less than I.K.O. (International Kiteboarding Organization) www.ikointl.com Certification! Kite Masters, duly competent and certified will take you from Zero to Hero in this third dimension of your life! It is true that once you go airborne the first time you will realize how much more exciting life can be in the third dimension!

Scuba Diving

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Recreational and advanced diving courses are offered onboard or rendezvous. Booking is necessary as well as adherence to all safety rules, procedures and precautions

Thai Massage

You can get certified or simply receive sessions to reset your mind state and get back to full relaxation for that extra energy boost for next day! Certified Instructors and practitioners are here to guide you to the road less travelled, for spirit and body balance. Booking in advance is necessary.