Kiting from Yachts

Why Travel With Us

We offer kiting at the Best Spots on Earth while staying onboard Stylish real Yachts at the Geo Area of your choice.

Summer Season

(May to October each year)

East Mediterranean Sea

Winter Season

(December to April each year)


KiteSurf & Mate is unlike other cruises. Our staff lives for these sorts of adventures, and you’ll always feel at home abroad our yachts. For those who value quality experiences, we offer kiting at the best spots on earth, while staying onboard a stylish yacht with full amenities.

Each day we will travel to new destinations that offer the perfect wind conditions for your watersports needs.

Every day you’ll be treated to healthy full breakfasts, energy-packed lunches with carbs, pastas, risotto, salads, and amazing barbecue dinners and party onboard or ashore in the night. Energy snacks, refreshments, Mineral Water offered, alcohol is purchased in order not to abuse the character of the cruise.

If sporting and dining aren’t enough, you can get certified in Kitesurf IKO, in Diving PADI NAUI ANDI, in Thai – Yoga Massage by International Yoga Association certified team members.

Safety package included by the means of competent personnel. Try finding another yacht cruise, at a price like ours! You won’t. But more importantly, try finding another vacation like Kite Surf & Mate. Impossible. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kite Surf & Mate Philosophy

Just add water!

Why we refer to kitesurf &mate as the Heli Skiing of Kitesurf?

The overpopulated designated kite beaches (worse than the crowded mountain slopes) grow old on you after some time and present more hazards by the enormous number of kites aloft and riders of every level, than comfort! Admittedly most of the Earth’s best kite spots are hidden along secret breaks, remote reefs or unnamed islets and small islands; flat water or perfect glassy waves – strong and steady wind!  The only way to get there and stay there is by having the “mothership” next to you. To kite alone on a remote islet, without the safety of a yacht and safety RIBS, exponentially raises the risks associated with the sport, is embraced due to technical mishaps or physical incapacitation while at very remote and non-surveyed areas!

All this is history when kiting from yachts. Safety tenders and jet skis watch your every move from an arm’s length. It’s more fun too! You have your audience next to you, and your rest time has much more substance embraced by ice cold fruit cocktails, music, wifi surfing, sunbathing, massage and the list is long!

Also accommodations offered in most kiting spots in the world are in no way comparable to the Natural life onboard a real yacht, where you are practically being placed on the water.

Take all of the above and couple it with a party of open minded people, sharing the same passion for living life at its fulest, and the love of the sea, seasports, and a fine balance of zen living and you have just described…What we do!!!

You’re the one!

Getting Here

How to reach the Yachts and closest Airports/Seaports


Suitable Airports: Mykonos (Greece) Paros (Greece) Naxos (Greece) or Athens International Airport (Greece)

Then High-Speed ferry ride to Mykonos/Paros

Dodekanese – Turkish Coast:

Suitable Airports: Izmir (Turkey) Chios (Greece), Bodrum (Turkey) Kos (Greece) or Athens International Airport (Greece) and then local flight to Chios (Greece) Kos (Greece)


Suitable Airports: Kefalonia (Greece) Airport, Aktion near Lefkas (Greece), or Athens International Airport (Greece)

Then Local Flight to Kefalonia, Aktion or road transfer to your final destination.

Please feel free to send us an email to of your Departure City, approximate Date of Boarding (+/- 3days) and Length of Stay on our yachts and let us work out the details and propose alternatives.
Apart from your major airlines and mainline service carriers click here to access the reliable Wikipedia information for a huge array of options on Low Cost Carriers that serve the Kite spot of your preference.
No affiliations, No hidden commissions, No Hidden Extras!